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Welcome to the 'Meet the Staff' section of St. Peter's Primary School website. Our dedicated team of educators and support staff work tirelessly to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for our pupils. Here, you can get to know the names behind the exceptional learning experiences at St. Peter's.


Each member brings their unique skills and passion, ensuring that our school remains a place of growth, inspiration, and community. Let's introduce you to the individuals who make St. Peter's the special place it is.

Meet Our
Year Groups

Explore each year group to delve deeper into the exciting journey of learning at our school. By selecting a specific year, you'll gain insights into the unique focus and activities planned for the term. Discover the vibrant themes, projects, and objectives that shape the experiences of our pupils in each class. Let's embark on this academic adventure together!

Headteacher & Assistant Headteachers

Mrs. James - Executive Headteacher

Mrs. Birch - Assistant Headteacher & Y2 Teacher

Mr. Eccles - Assistant Headteacher & Y5/6 Teacher

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Boardman - Reception Teacher

Miss. Grace - Reception Teacher

Miss. Ryan - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. Abram - Year 1/2 Teacher

Mrs. Birch - Y2 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. Bear - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs. Wheadon - Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss. Banks - Year 4 Teacher

Miss. Wilcock - Year 5 Teacher

Mr. Eccles - Year 5/6 Teacher/ Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. Quirk - Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs. Blundell - Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants & HLTA's

Mrs. Beardsworth - HLTA

Mrs. Chivers - TA Level 3

Mrs. Dowd

Mrs. Joyce

Mrs. Butterworth

Mrs. Kennedy

Mrs. Stone

Miss. Ellison

Miss. Cartwright

Mrs. Redfern

Miss. Sherrington

Mrs. Barrett

Mrs. Rowson

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Sharpe

Lunchtime Organisers

Mrs. Dowd

Mrs. Davies

Mr. Birch

Miss. Naughton

Office Team

Mrs. Taylor - Administration Officer

Mrs. Morris - Administration Assistant

Estates Team

Mr . Simmonds

Mrs. Lindeman

Mrs. Eden

Pastoral Coordinator

Miss. Halliwell


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