St Peter's C. of E. Primary School

Kildare Street, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 3HY

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School Grid

At St. Peter's we use a computerised ordering and payment system to ensure our children receive the meals they want and to also provide a cashless payment option for parents. The Live Kitchen system has been a huge hit with the children, it also allows parents to go online and order meals from home, view recipes and ingredient information.



Children select their chosen meal on the interactive whiteboard before registration. Vegetarian options are clearly displayed on a green button.


Children select their name on the tough screen at the hot plate. Their meal choice is displayed to the cook, as well as any dietary needs.

Paying by Direct Debit

Parents can pay for school lunches via direct debit which save time at home as well as in the school office. Parents who sign up for direct debit will receive regular statements from Dolce informing them of the choices their child make each day. Statements are sent out on a four weekly basis and Dolce give two weeks notice before amounts are collected

Advantages of paying by Direct Debit

  • Parent's don't need to waste time finding the correct change, or pay large amounts in advance
  • Pupils no longer have to carry cash
  • The school office does not have to bank cash every day
  • The school office no longer has to keep paper based records of each child's cash payments
  • The environment benefits from reduced paper consumption and less transportation requirement
  • Parents can discuss their meal choices with their child after receiving their email statement

Pre-Ordering on Line

Parents can also pre-order their child(rens) meals online. This facility allows parent to pre-order for up to a term at a time. Paying by direct debit means you will automatically be emailed a username and password for logging on to the pre-ordering facility. Parents who wish to pre-order online but do not wish to pre-order just need to provide the school office with an e-mail address which can then be sent to Dolce to create their own log on.


Allergen information

In line with requirements, our catering provider, Dolce, will ensure that allergen information is available for parents when selecting their child's meal on-line. Alternatively, Dolce's area manager and the school catering staff are on hand to answer any queries or requests for further information about their recipes.

Autumn Menu 2019

Spring Menu 2020 - From January 2020